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Vent-Free Gas Logs

FMI Vent Free Gas Logs

There’s a tremendous demand for vent-free gas heaters because at 99%, they’re the most energy-efficient of all hearth products, and can be installed virtually anywhere. Fmi’s Heat Majic vent-free gas log heaters deliver these benefits and more. They combine the safe, reliable warmth and efficiency of vent free gas space heating with the beauty and convenience of gas logs.

Your choice of realistic ceramic fiber or refractory concrete log presentations feature intricately detailed bark, split wood, and even charred textures along with random dancing yellow flames for a full and impressive flame picture.

Heat Majic vent-free gas log heaters utilize premium, stainless tube burners, available in single and dual flame designs with manual or remote ready control operation and piezo ignition. We’ve even got multi-view models for see-thru and peninsula fireplaces. In addition, all Heat Majic gas log heaters provide 99% energy efficiency which means dramatic energy savings.

Installation costs come way down when you eliminate venting construction. Particularly in multi-story housing. And with no chimney to worry about, a Heat Majic gas log heater (in an Fmi vent-free fireplace) is perhaps the most economical way to include a complete hearth feature in any floor plan, not to mention they can be added just about anywhere.

Napoleon Vent Free Gas Logs

The exclusive PHAZER® logs, crafted from ceramic fibers, together with Napoleon’s PHAZERAMIC™ advanced infrared heat technology provide an excellent additional heat source with a real wood fire appearance.

Napoleon’s vent free gas log sets are available in three sizes, 18”, 24” and 30” and come complete with a cast iron grate, painted black andirons and lava rocks/cinders.

American Hearth Vent Free Gas Logs

Vent-Free Burners – 16-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch and 30-inch

Burners – up to 38,000 Btu

Choose Manual, Millivolt, Direct Ignition, and Intermittent Pilot (IP includes On/Off Remote)

Choose Refractory or Ceramic Fiber Log Sets

LP or Natural Gas

Exceptionally realistic flame movment

Burners and Log Sets Made in USA

Golden Blount Vent Free Gas Logs

20″,24″,30″ sizes available

Massive highly textured Charred logs

Realistic flame pattern with glowing ember bed

Natural or LP gas

vRemote ready valve with manual high/low

Real Fyre Vent Free Gas Logs

Peterson Real-Fyre Gas Fireplace Logs have provided a natural wood-like fire with maximum ease, efficiency and economy.

Peterson Gas Logs are manufactured to exacting specifications and the highest standards.

All Real-Fyre ventless gas logs are detailed with high definition bark and natural colors for authentic wood realism.

Their beauty and warmth provide comfort and pleasure for as long as you own your home.

Monessen Vent Free Gas Logs

Monessen Gas Logs – Why are they the best?

The most common complaint about ventless or vent free gas products is that the fire they produce is typically unrealistic.

This is where Monessen differs from all other brands.

Monessen’s exclusive burner technology pushes the envelope when it comes to creating a realistic looking fire yet maintaining the ability to operate in a vent less environment.