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Vented Gas Logs

Eiklor Flames Gas Logs

Eiklor Flames produces the most realistic and beautiful gas log products available. Their impeccable attention to detail and quality makes their stainless steel burners some of the best available anywhere. Eiklor gas logs are also available in large scale sizes ranging from 32″ all the way up to 120″. The large scale log sets are perfect for customizing large homes, resorts, and other commercial properties.

The Eiklor Ultimate 5 Series uses a stainless steel 5-burner system to provide the ultimate in realism & beauty. A variety of different log styles and configurations are available for this burner system.

American Gas Logs

American Gas Logs are the perfect combination of large, medium and small logs with highly detailed bark patterns and authentic splits for that natural, rustic campfire charm.

CAMPFIRE utilizes American Gas Log’s single sand pan burner.

Standard sizes: 18”, 24”, 30” sets. Custom sizes may be available upon request.

FMI Gas Logs

Today’s best gas log designs require a careful balance of art and science to produce the most beautiful, most realistic hearth presentations. Fmi’s new expanded selection of Flame Majic vented gas logs offer real woodburning realism in any fireplace setting… with beautiful new features homeowners will love!

All Flame Majic gas logs are painstakingly recreated from real cut wood. Each log set design features it’s own unique, intricately detailed bark pattern, split wood, and charred textures.

Fmi hearth kits include aluminized tube burners, or new premium triple-tiered ramp burner for the most dynamic dancing flame patterns and deep glowing embers. Standing pilot control kits with piezo ignition are also available. Fmi’s exclusive gas log ready design allows controls to be installed out of sight in an Fmi fireplace for maximum realism.

All Flame Majic hearth kits come complete with realistic ash bed material, glowing embers and lava floor cinders. Standard features also include all gas connecting hardware.

Napoleon Gas Logs

Napoleon’s FIBERGLOW™ gas log sets create the ambiance your home deserves with our exclusive PHAZER® log sets and PHAZERAMIC™ burner that are so realistic they look like a natural wood burning fire.

Our advanced burner technology creates infrared heat from the ember bed that radiates warmth directly back into the room.

Add relaxation, comfort and warmth to your home with the simplicity of a superior gas log set.

Golden Blount Gas Logs

The Golden Blount line of gas logs was first introduced to the trade in April 1994 at the Nashville “Hearth Products” show.

In November 1999 a patent for the “Controlled Ember Bed” burner was issued.

Production of the Golden Blount Gas Fireplaces began in 1997.

Our innovative gas safety valve was patented in April 2002.

RealFyre Gas Logs

Beautifully Realistic Real-Fyre brings the natural beauty and warmth of real wood and they preserve the attractiveness of your home’s wood burning fireplace. The Burnt Rustic Oak presents a maturing fire with more flames and embers highlighted by the burned through front log.

Environmentally Safe and Clean Real-Fyre Gas Logs burn clean. They don’t use up precious forest resources or pollute the air like a wood-burning fire. And, they don’t affect indoor air quality.

Convenient With Real-Fyre Gas Logs, you can start your fire by turning a variable flame control, throwing a switch or pressing a button on a remote control.

Economical Real-Fyre Gas Logs eliminate the high expense of firewood. Your log set will continue to provide enjoyment and comfort year after year.

Superior Materials Real-Fyre Gas Logs are made of superior refractory ceramics, expanded shales and aggregates, and use an advanced calcium aluminate binder.

Monessen Gas Logs

Monessen Gas Log Sets include Durable refractory gas logs, the wild flame see thru burner with brilliant yellow flames and a glowing ember bed, 5/8 inch grate, damper clamp, lava rock, and rock wool embers. 80,000 BTUs. Up to 18,000 btu of Radiant Heat.

Stainless steel U-burner provides enhanced ember bed.

Life Time Warranty on Logs.